Wisteria in bloom weddingVilla Rotonda Restaurant, Moscow

Event planning: Carpe Diem Events // Flowers and design: Flowerbazar // Photo: Muravnik photography // Video: Andreev Media // Cake: Andrey Shevlyagin Cakes Couture // Fire Show: Salamandra // Stationery: Maria Kirvas // Venue: Villa Rotonda

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Polina and Denis dreamed to organize a luxurious, but at the same time very gentle and romantic wedding in a beautiful location with exquisite design. They spent a few years in Spain and fell in love with this country. We wanted to add the leitmotif of Spain, and to do it the most interestingly way. Living in Spain, Polina fell in love with the luxurious lilac wisteria, which has its branches wrapped around the ancient Spanish castles.

This image inspired our team to create the concept of “Flowering Wisteria”, which perfectly matched with the history of our couple’s story. The color palette of the wedding was based on Polina’s favorite shades– from dusty pink to deep purple. Developing layout design for wedding decoration, our team tried to create the maximum feeling of airiness. The design was filled with transparent material, cool colors, translucent fabrics and mirrored surfaces. The impression was as if guests found themselves in a magical crystal palace. Not only the favorite colors of the bride, but also the interests of the groom served as an inspiration for the decorators.

Denis is engaged in hockey for many years. Therefore decorators suggested adding metallic accessories for the morning preparations of the groom, and to create a feeling of ice surfaces at the banquet, setting mirrored tables and crystal chandeliers.

The ceremony area was decorated with unique arrangement – “real” tree of Wisteria in bloom. No one in Russia has ever created such a tree before. Blooming Wisteria blended into the landscape so harmoniously, that it seemed the tree grew at this place for centuries. Flowers framed the aisle with a monogram of the couple and one of the patterns of the wedding led to the tree. Transparent chairs in this area were perfectly in harmony with the gazebo and glimmered beautifully in the sunlight.

A unique set of invitations was developed specially for this wedding. The lavender envelope was decorated with wisteria, wax seal with the couples monogram and calligraphy. The invitation was printed on clear plastic. The second part of the invitation – the dress code card – contained an image of the greenhouse with wisteria that was a reference to the ceremony area and the entire concept of the wedding.

Some surprises were prepared for guests and newlyweds during the evening. Polina and Denis appeared in the hall in incredibly bright style. The groom performed a song welcoming the guests and opening banquet. In the middle of the evening Polina changed several dresses. At first a second wedding dress for the first dance, and then a costume dress – to perform special Latino dance for Denis. Denis, in turn, had prepared a surprise for Polina with full responsibility. Several training sessions with professional dancers and here it is – one of the most fun and memorable events of the evening. The groom went to the dance floor and danced to the popular tunes of recent years with his friends for seven minutes. The performance was very dynamic despite its length. The bride and the guests were lost in admiration.

The wedding cake with a height of almost one meter, made according to our sketches, appeared at the end of the evening. In conclusion, artists of fire-show performed effective show in Spanish style.