Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! This was the first and brightest emotion I had after seeing the photos! While viewing the pictures with Marina and Alex, and then watching them ten more times with friends, relatives and sometimes just by ourselves, we were each time instantly taken back to that wonderful day! We felt like crying and laughing while living through all the brightest, funniest, most exciting and touching moments of our day. All the photos we have received are viewed in one breath, as if it was a slow motion of our main day, which you can stop anytime and live through this or that moment of the wedding.
Marina and Alex, thank you so much for the wonderful, tender, airy, stylish and amazingly emotional pictures! By some wonderful magic, you captured the beauty of the villa and the place of the festivities, the atmosphere of the day, emotions, uncontrollable fun and all the happy tears!
We can forever watch the reportage photos taken during the reception and dinner, recalling and laughing at the funniest moments of the evening!

Separate ‘thank you’ for the photos of our morning, first look and the photo session. We look so beautiful and happy! And we like the original look of our pictures, without unnatural posing and facial expressions, sincere and reflecting the glow in our eyes and the emotions we felt at that moment.

Alex, my personal ‘thanks’ goes to you for your fluent English and the approach you found for my husband. Stewart really enjoyed our photo session, and he is happy with his pictures from the morning preparations (and with all the pictures, in fact). The fact that we have met for a short love story shoot a couple of months prior to the wedding worked amazingly in making feel easy, comfortable and relaxed during the wedding day.

We chose our wedding photographer carefully, because the photos are the memories, which would stay with us forever. These memories should be beautiful and alive. I was a bride who didn’t know what she wanted, but after getting the pictures from Marina and Alex, I realized they were just what I have always dreamed of.

Marina and Alexey were recently the official photographers for our wedding in Lake Como Italy.
From the first time we met we were made to feel comfortable and at ease and we believe this was key to making the experience and final photograph album excellent quality.

We started with an engagement photo session which gave us a chance to meet and get to know Marina and Alexey and vice versa. The ‘dry run’ really enabled us to relax and allowed the photographers to learn how best to photograph us.

The experience at our wedding day was equally relaxed. Marina and Alexey were there to capture every moment and every emotion, but without imposing on the experience of our special day. As the day progressed they were almost ‘invisible’ to us.
We were thrilled with the end result, the photos precisely captured every aspect of our wedding and the quality was outstanding.  We ended up with an album which captured all the key memories and more, and is a precious momento of our wedding day.



From the bride Lilia

My fairytale wedding, that’s how I tell everyone about my Big day! A simple ‘thank you’ can’t begin to express our gratitude for everything Marina and Alex did to make our day truly perfect! I think we are the luckiest couple to fall into their hands! They were  not just our photographers, but closest friends who guided us throughout the whole day, shared all the emotions and helped in a critical moments.

When we decided to do a destination wedding, there was no doubts that it would be a wedding next to the ocean with a warm beautiful light and a nice and friendly atmosphere around. Portugal hit us with its magnificent sceneries and a number of amazing venues to choose for a wedding ceremony. The hardest thing was to choose one! It could be wedding at the beach overlooking crazy waves or a royal palace wedding in a charming forest, or as we chose, to get married in a castle by the beach. When we firstly saw this fort overlooking the blue ocean, it straight away matched with my princess dreams!

The next difficulty we met was a choice of our wedding photographer. My family is very close to photography and a good quality memories means a lot to us. At that point I think we was just super lucky as Marina and Alex had a couple of weddings in Portugal at the same time! As a future bride I was following the wedding industry and couldn’t even dream of having a Top European film photographers at my wedding, but magic happens!

As I mentioned, Marina and Alex became our close friend, as we shared together such an important moment of our live! They were so attentive to details, helped me  relax in front of the camera, calmed down when I was nervous, they supported us the whole day! We had a few critical funny situations and without Marina’s help and good sense of humor, it could be really stressful. One moment happened when my 3 meters long veil was blown away by the wind over a huge cactus just before we were supposed to walk down the aisle with my dad. Ugh, thanks to Marina who dropped her camera straight away and helped me to get out of it!!!

The other funny story we will always remember and joke about, this is just had to happen, I won’t go into details, just mention a flowery bush, next to we were taking a picture, stepping into a dog poop, haha. No worries, we found a fountain close by!

Overall, I have to say our wedding photographers were the best! They helped me feel as a supermodel, managed to take amazing pictures of my husband though he hates being photographed, we had such a lovely couple photo shoot as well!  I couldn’t even ask for a better result! All the memories will stay with us forever!


For us, everything is important in a photographer’s work. The main thing is the trust and mutual understanding, the confidence you are heard and being listened to. It is not a simple task to detect and show the true emotions and mood of two loving hearts, because every couple has its own inner harmony and beauty. And each couple must feel comfortable and natural to be themselves throughout the photo shoot. The esthetic taste of the photographer also matters, and his vision of ‘beautiful’. We were also concerned about different artistic and technical parameters, such as: color, the level of sharpness, the size of the photos, the variety of scenes, general composition of the frame, our position within the frame, quality of angles, etc.

We are very grateful to Marina and Alex for their patience during our hikes in the mountains, even when they were totally exhausted. Looking back, I was the only one who kept saying “Oh, it’s nothing, I am not tired at all”, because the transformation of my dream into reality gave me an additional energy, and I felt like I was ready to walk and be photographed for another month. The weather is very changeable in those parts. Beyond the photoshoot and wedding outfits there were a lot of jackets, sweaters, sneakers, warm-ups in the sauna and hot tea. Alex was keeping Fyodor’s spirits up, since Fyodor’s enthusiasm significantly decreased on the third day of shooting. During the track Alex was carrying some of our stuff, especially the wedding dress. Thank you, Alex!!!

During the shoots Marina and Alex continually cheered us up, made us laugh, praised us and supported us so well with many lovely words. And after the day of shooting there came the long awaited dinner – such an important part of socializing. It was very easy and funny to share our meals with the guys. We recall those evenings with special warmth in our souls.

When we met to get our photographs we were happy to see Marina and Alex in the first place because we missed them, and I couldn’t wait to share our impressions of the rest of our summer trip and hear about their adventures. When the time came, Marina took out the treasured box… Oh, it was so beautifully decorated. Inside we found the flash disk with a pretty band made of hand painted silk, handmaid sheet of paper bearing the warm wishes done with the calligraphic handwriting, and a stack of printed photos. All the details spoke about how attentive the guys were towards us. I was already crying after seeing the first photographs… It is hard to believe that it is our history now, so beautifully captured. We have looked through all the printed pictures in the box, then all the photos on the computer the guys brought to the meeting. We were discussing, recalling, laughing and surprising ourselves. Such a load of emotions and feelings! It is difficult to describe the joy we felt.

I want to mention the film photos in particular. I don’t understand why many couples are still afraid of film. As for us, from the very beginning, we wanted to have both digital and film photos. Marina and Alex’s film photographs are alive and filled with air and warm light. They are so harmonic, that it’s hard to stop watching them. We’ll surely spend many more hours viewing them during our spare time.

Guys, we are so glad to have you as friends, and thank you again for turning our Edelweiss wedding fairy tale into reality in the Swiss Alps.


Dear Marina and Alex,
I have edited this review a couple of times already because there is so much to say, and it is just ‘too much’ for one letter, I think.

Thank you for creating such comfortable atmosphere regardless the place and timing: on a rock by the sea or a minute before proceeding to the altar. Alex, separate thanks to you for your jokes and support which came just at the right moments: you are a shrewd psychologist, instantly understanding the mood, and you have a very calming smile. Either I was the calmest bride, or you may add the following clause to your contract: “I calm the bride in 10 seconds, just by smiling”.
Marina, you are amazing. It is hard for anyone’s work to touch my soul and it’s almost impossible to do the same for Alexander, but you have done it! The work you do, the love and passion you put into it, it is like magic that makes us watch it over and over again. And get back to you again and again.

The way you two work together, the harmony in it, all result in such a fascinating outcome. Each photo from our day is all about us and hits the right spot in our hearts. Thank you for your ability to see, feel, and capture our emotions.
These photos and the warmth they bring are now always with us – I have watched them over and over, brushing away the tears, mine and Alexander’s.
Alexander is saying “Marina and Alex were a very right decision”, and he is absolutely right.


Marina and Alex, you are amazing!!! Thank you for your work, your professionalism, your support, talent, positivity, for very important and timely advice, for making my husband Dima – who has not been in front of the camera before – feel easy and comfortable, even on the edge of the abyss. Thank you, my darlings, for being near during those important two days at the heart of the Spanish Andalucía! It is hard to express all the emotions I feel with mere words! When I first saw the photographs, my heart sank from joy! I was living those two amazing days over again! You showed the unreal beauty of our hacienda and the views of the great city of Ronda; all the details of the décor, which were so important to me, and which I have been collecting from different countries. The morning preparations, our dear guests, all the emotions, worries, every little thing was captured perfectly! It is truly unreal! Having invested a lot of our energy and time and having worked through every detail, I know there is nothing left beyond the frame!!! I know I will watch these photos many times over, show them to my relatives and friends, and later to our children, and every time we do so, that day is going to go live and in full color in front of our eyes. I would like to make a separate note on the quality of the photos. Since we are both creative people, and Dima being a specialist on visual effects and post-production, it was not an easy task to make us happy (especially him)! But having fallen in love with Marina and Alex’s work and trusted them, we lost touch with the reality when we saw our wedding fairytale on the photos. Everything was ideal, just like on pages of a magazine or in a movie, with an exception that we played the main characters ourselves. Guys, you are super professionals! Thank you! Big-big success to you!


We would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to Marina! A Wedding is not only one of the brightest moments in anyone’s life, but it also lasts an entire day, from the early morning until the late evening! And you live through this day in a state of an incredible stress, turmoil from morning till evening, detailed planning of each minute… Well, of course, it’s not like sending a shuttle into space, but still some little things, which somebody overlooked before, always comes up… Well, in general, this day is all about positivity, but it is quite nerve wracking and stressful at times! That’s the way it is – you wait your entire life for this moment, for about a year you make preparations, and then you live it through in just about an hour and a half. The first moment you smell your morning coffee, the next you already lay down your heavy head on the pillow and realize that the day is over, and one of your life’s major events is presumably well done!

All these lyrics above is not deprived of meaning, because now we are approaching the main thing, when the celebration is over, the only baggage the young couple is left with includes the rings, the documents and a very fragmented picture of past events! And here comes the creator of real memories – the ones that will accompany us for years, which will be presented to our friends, relatives, children and other members of the family tree!!! We are happy that the role of this creator was taken by a real professional and a very good person – Marina! :)

We met Marina by the pool at the hotel the day before the celebration, and several hours later we were having a dinner together! A very important thing happened – we realized that tomorrow we’d have one less reason for worries, because we felt total trust for the photographer. During the dinner, Marina, I believe, also had made a plan for tomorrow’s shoot, because she’d taken notice of how and when we smile, how we look at each other, and which camera angle would be most flattering :) It is very important to meet with the photographer prior to the celebration – highly recommended to everyone :)

Our wedding day passed by exactly as described above – it flew as one bright and exciting moment, and we were impatiently waiting for the photos to see everything in detail! And finally we got them. Well, our guests and ourselves (forty friends came with us to Santorini Island) give them the highest grade of “A+”! Marina captured the sky-blue beauty of Santorini and not eclipse us with it. We are extremely happy with our choice of the photographer and say a big ‘thank you’ to Marina for her work and her content to fly so far with us :))) Marina, we wish you professional success and conquering of new wedding Meccas – because you do it so well! Looking forward to new photo sessions with you!


The morning before the ceremony was filled with trembling excitement… The smell of beautiful flowers… Happy faces of beloved friends, cheerful preparations with the champagne… Dear father’s tears at the sight of his daughter in the wedding dress… The eyes of your loved one, when you walk toward a beautiful arch to the sounds of your favorite tune… Happiness and joy of the closest people, dances till the dawn… Is it possible to live through all these emotions twice? After the wedding is over, you keep the bright memories of the event and look forward to the wedding photos and video. When the long awaited day arrives, and you meet with the photographer to see the final result, you get absorbed with euphoria, an enormous bouquet of feelings and sensations; as if there were no people around at the moment, no cafe where you meet, all the city bustle disappear. Every important instant, every touching moment, every person dear to you– all of it is documented, skillfully captured at the right moment! This is amazing! This is just what is treasured, what is remembered by everyone, and what stays in the photo albums forever.
We received the photos three days ago, but it feels like we got married yesterday – so much of the emotions, worries and memories brought up by the viewing. Marina and Alex, thank you for this happiness! We trusted you 100%, your talent to see wonderful things and beauty in the details, your ability to show it all on film!


Dear Marina and Alex!
Thank you for what you’ve done for us! You have saved so many beautiful moments from our wedding for us to savor in the years to come!
You guys are so easy going that I stopped feeling awkward right away and felt 100%relaxed. Working with you is comfortable, carefree and a fun experience! We felt no worries at all! You did everything for us, and we just relaxed and enjoyed our day.
And what a result… the photos you took reflect the exact emotions we wanted to save for many years to come. They are unreal: tender, stylish and natural! You magically managed to show the beauty of the place, the atmosphere of our wedding and the emotions we felt that day!


Thank you very much!
I can write down these words many more times.
Thank you for the beauty, for the smiles, and for the seriousness.
And a big ‘thanks’ to Anna, who recommended you.
When you agreed to shoot in Italy, I knew right away that everything would be all right. We have watched the photos ten times already since we got them, we smile and laugh and cry every time we look through the photos.

Before getting the pictures, I almost forgot how pleasant, sincere and comfortable our wedding had been and how breathtakingly beautiful it was. We had no idea we were such cuties. You’ve discovered it, documented it and told us about it.
I am also glad I was dealing with a real professional. You helped me a lot with the morning preparations, advised me on the wedding scenario, helped us choose the hashtag and made pictures of our guests, saving the very best moments of the day.
During the wedding, time passed so quickly, that I was surprised to discover it was already close to midnight when I looked at my watch. Everything flew by so fast. And you did the impossible – stop the moments. And that was a real miracle.

Every photo I see, I meet it with an exclamation “no way this is us!” Egor is like a James Bond, and I am such a cutie! I envy myself that we got so lucky. It’s a pity there were no pictures of you at this celebration. You were like an angel – saw everything and yet kept invisible yourself.
With respect and admiration.

Xenia and Igor

First, I’ll write about the photos, because the result has the highest priority here. Just to let you know, I am a very picky and cautious client, and I seldom write reviews, I do so only when I am 100% positively satisfied.
On a separate note, I’d like to say a few words about film photos. When you look at these photos you realize that each color contains 1000 shades. Digital photos have glamour and an editorial look, film ones, on the other hand, are like a painting. Therefore, I strongly recommend going for film, because this is something you’ll want to frame and put on a shelf and admire all your life. Film carries an aura of respect, and those are exactly the photos you would want to show your kids and grandkids.

My special thanks goes to Marina and Alex for reporting the photos of our celebration. I didn’t expect to see such quality reportage photos from the reception part of the celebration. I knew that choosing Marina and Alex would give us great romantic photos of the two of us, but the pictures of our guests and dancing party turned out to be unexpectedly bright, live and wonderful; and there are a lot of them.

Another recommendation – do not save on the pre-wedding photo shoot. We did it a few weeks before the wedding. A pre-wedding shoot is a great chance to get used to your photographers and not lose any precious time for this purpose during the wedding itself. As a bonus, you will receive great shots, which would be as good as your wedding pictures regarding quality and artistic concept.

Now about the guys themselves! Thank you so much for being so easy to work with. We call this professionalism. The photographers skillfully managed a lot of cameras, reloading of films, cheering the couple, giving hints about the poses and worked with grandmothers and girlfriends, the planners and videographers. All we had to do was relax and have fun along the process.

Therefore, to those who are yet to decide, I sincerely recommend Marina and Alex. Special greetings to those who have already made them their choice! You won’t be disappointed!


Marina, we are immensely grateful to you! As you know, from the very beginning, I wanted you to shoot our wedding. First, because you have shot me before and I look pretty on the photographs :-) For me, it is very important when a photographer puts the beauty of a person inside the frame before the wonders of the place around. Second, I like the way you shoot weddings: avoiding the templates and using an individual approach. Third, the human factor! I like you as a person. And I am so happy that we agreed upon everything in advance, so you could come and shoot us! I will never forget how you laughed at the back seat of our Cabrio while we were riding the Tuscany hills and the wheel came off somehow!
In one of the conversations after the wedding, you mentioned that showing the beauty and emotions was the most important thing for you. For me it was the most important aspect, too. And you just nailed it. All the guests were delighted to see the photos and have watched them over many times (looks like grandma does it every day). We didn’t expect to get so many pictures! And I appreciate your making a separate folder for all Slava’s goofing in front of the camera. That is the indicator of the highest class service to me! I also liked that the photographs were submitted in time with no additional reminders (I still carry the flash disk in my purse scared to lose it even though I made multiple copies on different devices).

Marina, that was a wonderful work. It was a pleasure to discuss the preparations with you, a greater pleasure to spend the wedding day by your side and a pleasure to watch the photographs together and see your own true emotions show through. I remember how you calmed me the day before and made me relax and enjoy the process, how you shot our crazy dancing in the night, how you wore your short dress of the color corresponding to that of the wedding during the day heat and the night chill. Along with all that you made the ideal photographs for us because they were absolutely real. The reality was just as it was depicted: incredibly touching, delicate, funny, loud and tender. There was so much love around and inside us during that day. It is priceless that you managed to show it. And I believe that you could feel it together with us, too.
Marina, yours is such a difficult, volumetric and versatile but sacred craft – you give people the memories of the happiest day in their lives. Your photographs with all their variety and attention to details are like the whirlpool of memory – they let you dive into the atmosphere of that day and live the brightest emotions over and over again. Cool! Keep going… :)

Kate and Ilya

Our dear Alex and Marina!
Thank you so much for the work done. I know, it was not easy with us, but you skillfully overcame my worries and my husband’s protest to being photographed.
When I look through our pictures, I can finally view everything in detail, my morning photo shoot with the bride’s maids, the ceremony and guests, décor and florists.
The photos are just awesome, such colors and emotions! It just takes my breath away. I am very glad to have met you at the wedding festival and to have entrusted you with documenting our celebration.
I can repeat my thanks many times. You have created the magic fairytale for us, which will stay with us forever. Love you!

Anna and Dmitry

First, we’d like to say ‘thank you’ for the wonderful pictures that reflect so brightly the atmosphere and the emotions of our day!
We took the process of choosing the photographer seriously and went through a long list of professionals before our choice was made. It was essential for us to get the right balance of price and quality. After we had identified the short list of photographers, our choice fell on Marina and Alex because of their personal qualities, easiness in communication and their desire to cooperate and work with us. It took us a while to find the perfect venue, each time thinking over some new concept. And all this time Marina and Alex were patiently waiting for our decision. And finally, the big day arrived! We had our photoshoot the day after, which enabled us to spend time with our family and friends on the wedding day. And we were so right about it! We dived into the emotions and thrill of the wedding day completely, not having to think of photo-shoot, while the guys documented every moment without distracting us. Looking through the pictures, we could see all the details and emotions we had missed during the wedding day. Thanks to the guys, we could experience that day and all the emotions attached to it once again!

The next day we had our photoshoot in the woods where we felt like the bride and the groom once again… Marina and Alex created the perfect romantic mood for us! Photo-shoot went by nice and easy!

It is very important for the photographers to ‘feel’ the couple and understand their mood and relations… Marina and Alex were able to live through these days full of love and adrenalin together with us!

Ilya and Alexandra

Dear Marina and Alex!
There is satisfaction and happiness when in a big wedding world, you find people who can feel the beauty in such a perfect way and show it through their work! Every detail, every camera angle, color, moment – are all ideal and harmonic in every photograph. Each photograph is like a dream come true. We have gotten exactly what we have been dreaming of for a long time. Friends, family and everyone found beauty, joy and sincerity on their photographs.

We were especially impressed by the film photographs that turned out to be so alive, deep in color and tender. These are the pictures we want to frame and surround ourselves with, enjoying them day after day. You managed to have the film photographs reflect the bright moments and the movement, but in an even more elegant way.

Like any couple, we were very nervous, and there wasn’t a single thought in our heads. Which background to choose, whom to have a picture with, how to behave? The only emotion we could show was probably the fright. Guests, bridesmaids and parents were in about the same state of confusion. However, you always found the right words, which put the smiles on our faces and made us feel totally relaxed. You, as true artists, saw the big picture and directed the shoot easily and naturally.

You helped us a lot not only during the wedding day, but along the entire process. Valuable advice and ideas from Marina helped to create the atmosphere that ultimately impressed all the guests. We sincerely believe that only a few people can feel and see the beauty in such a way that you do, and especially transfer it into their work.
You are not just real professionals, but luminous people as well, pleasant to communicate with. Your eyes were bright with the excitement at each meeting, which speaks of a big love for your craft. All serious moments are easily resolved with you. And a special ‘thanks’ for helping us with some difficulties we had unrelated to the photo shoot! This celebration wouldn’t have taken place without you!

We are so glad we met such wonderful photographers, and we look forward to a chance to create something beautiful with you once again.
With gratitude,
Ilya and Alexandra


Vasil and I knew right away that we didn’t want a traditional wedding. Therefore after the official registration, attended by the relatives and closest people, we jumped into the car and drove away to the airport.
We landed in Lisbon, Portugal, where our ceremony was soon to take place on the westernmost part of Europe – Cabo da Roca – right at the edge of the world…Just me and him, alone with the nature. It was August, and it was hot. We used the sun creams, and I was worried about my makeup melting away at +37’C.

At the day of the ceremony we came to our hotel – Fortaleza do Guincho – about 2pm, and we weren’t expecting any surprises. We were getting ready while Marina and Alex landed in Lisbon on time. Our car also arrived on time to the hotel, and we started towards Cabo da Roca, where at 6pm we were meeting with our photographers, Marina and Alex, the master of the ceremony, and our friend Eugenia, who helped us to organize the trip. This is the spot where our adventures began! On the way there, everybody started calling me asking to postpone the ceremony, while the organizers refused to do so, which made everybody argue with each other. For a long time, I couldn’t comprehend the problem.

It turned out that the cloud set over Cape Roca. Thick white icy fog covered everything around, hiding all the beautiful views of the rocks, the ocean, and the sun… After a minute of panic, we decided to get married at this amazing spot anyway (the groom insisted).

When we arrived we were shocked. The temperature went down to +10’C. You could see nothing around you. The strong wind was reaching to our bones. The moisture in the air ruined the girls’ hair (except mine, since I had half of the bottle of hairspray on it). While in finding each other (which is quite a task in a thick fog) and reaching the place of the ceremony, we felt a new wave of optimism hitting us unexpectedly.

At once Marina and Alex named our venture – the most mystique wedding. Our vows were taken by the wind to the sky and onto the ocean and rocks; I doubt our small group of guests could hear any of it! :-) Afterward, having warmed up with the champagne (and husband’s jacket), we went back to Fortaleza do Guincho in search of the sun.
But it wasn’t the end of it!

When I first talked to Marina about the wedding, she highly recommended the morning photo session. I even convinced my other half. However, I held back the fact that for photographers the “morning” doesn’t start at 10am, and not even at 8am :-).

Well, at 6am on the following morning we met with Marina and Alex at the hotel lobby and went to Praia do Guincho – wonderful white sand beach, which we shared only with the albatrosses at such an early hour.

We welcomed the sunrise, ran from the waves, went for a quick swim and then had a picnic on the beach! Marina and Alex can create the right atmosphere, with no pressure, letting the bride and the groom be themselves. Looking back, I realize that we owe you guys an unpayable debt! Those morning hours on the beach became one of the most memorable and romantic experience in our lives! We would have never done anything of the sort by ourselves! Even though we had to get up at 5 in the morning, and so naturally we felt sleepy and chilly at first as the sand felt icy under our bare feet – it was all worth it! A thousand times over! When yesterday we received the pictures we couldn’t get away from them, living through all those beautiful moments again with smiles on our faces!

Not a single unsuccessful photo. Honestly, I love each of them – and have no idea how I will choose photographs for the wedding album!
Marina! Alex! You are so talented! Thank you for establishing yourself in photography and giving us so many pleasant memories!


Marina and Alex!
Kirill and I are so grateful for the wonderful job you did during our wedding day and for its great results! You 200% met our expectations! We were critical when choosing our wedding photographers, because we wanted to see ‘alive’ people on our pictures and feel the atmosphere of the day with bright colors rather than a selection of dull wedding photos put through some fancy filters. After we had looked through your portfolio, we felt like not just the spectators, but almost as the main characters of your shoots – we decided that you were just what we needed! Guys, it was so easy and comfortable to work with you! From the first moments of our interactions, we felt like we have known each other from the time of our birth – you understood us without words and during the wedding, we were absolutely “unaware” of your presence! We remember our celebration as very sincere, light, enthusiastic and full of warmth and happiness. Your photos reflected this atmosphere very brightly. Thanks to you, our numerous friends and relatives from different cities and countries were able to feel as if they were present at our celebration, and we kept hearing words like “fairytale”, “movie” and “magic” from them! Marina and Alex, thank you so much for the work you’ve done! We are so happy that we chose you, and you were with us on September 5th! We would love to see you at other major family events in the future!


Our wedding was such a delicate, bright and sincere event for us! It was warm and magical from the beginning to the end. Everything was incredibly easy and natural, as well as romantic and fresh. No false worries, organizational mistakes or nervousness. A huge impact, of course, was the place we had chosen for this memorable event. What could be better than waking up smiling to the sun shining through your window, going for a swim in the sea and diving into such breathtaking beauty all around? When your day starts this way, your celebration is doomed to succeed. Naturally, the people surrounding you during this day should be the closest and dearest to you. This includes not only your guests, but your organizers and photographers, and whoever else is with you on this day. Marina belongs to this category of people.

The connection with the photographer is very important, and we instantly and continually felt it! It’s worth mentioning that Marina has shot two weddings of our close friends. Therefore, she was sort of “passed on” to us, which gave us quite a lot of joy. We felt like Marina was a guest of ours, since she so naturally became part of our company. With Marina in our team, our humble celebration gained only positivity, good mood and professionalism.

Each time we view our wedding photographs, we get inexpressible feelings, it is as if we are back to that day, living it through again. So we asked ourselves, why would anyone need those production type photos, processed with thousands of filters, which are no more than just pretty pictures? Sincere, natural and gentle photographs will never leave anyone indifferent! In our opinion, all Marina’s work is like this! One simply needs to love people and be a romantic inside to create such wonderful photos! Marina does it very well! We were very glad to live this day with her by our side, and are absolutely happy to receive such great pictures. Thank you!


Dear Marina and Alex!!!
Words can’t describe the feelings we experienced having shared such an important event with you. These photographs are something we keep for a lifetime, a lasting memory… and they should reflect the sincerity and emotions of the day.
Guys, you manage to get to feel the couple so well, so perfectly did you do it that all the photos naturally turned out looking like a movie.
Looking forward to sharing new family stories with you!

Yours K&V


I want to begin by saying thank you very much, Marina and Alex!
What you are doing is incredible! And you do it not just as photographers and professionals, but as humans – you bring us, the newlyweds to be part of your soul, show our emotions, capture every moment and give us so much joy!

I saw wedding photographers at work many times, often noticing very stressful moments during the shoot. And, to be honest, I was very worried about the way our day would go, how our cooperation would work out, and what mood I would be in because of it. However, everything went well from the very first minutes of your arrival on this icy cold day. You were so warm and caring, funny and talkative that soon we felt much better and forgot about our worries! It is so cool that you create the special atmosphere for the shoot and that you communicate so easily. It is just cool to watch you guys working! Thank you, memories of that day are priceless.

Now about the photos, well, you saw our first emotions when we watched the photos together :-) afterward; of course, we watched them over and over again (and still do). Then we did it with all our friends, then with our parents and with people who were not present at the wedding. The main thing we heard from all them was: “you are so beautiful, and everything looks so beautiful, it’s incredible!” And I feel like crying every time.

Thank you guys a thousand times! We hope we will work again with you many, many times in the future, and I look forward to just meeting and having a chat with you!

P.S.: Separate “thank you” for your great work with my husband. He doesn’t like to be photographed, besides he doesn’t like new people, but he felt very comfortable working with you (believe me – hearing such things from him is a surprise). And the pictures taken during his morning – they are amazing, I have no idea how you captured him like this :-).


Photographs are such a pleasant and sweet aftertaste of the wedding, which stays with us for a lifetime. And it is very important that Marina and Alex managed to show all of the beauty and emotions of that beautiful day! But first things first! We wanted our photographs of “that day” to be out of time, and stay beautiful and real 10, 30, 50 years later. And they should reflect that very light in the eyes, love, happiness and emotions of the wedding day not just for us, but for our relatives and friends as well. After viewing guys’ portfolio, there came my excited call regarding the availability of our date, followed by our meeting, at which we talked for almost three hours! It became clear then that Marina and Alex, besides being great professionals, are easy to communicate with, and you feel like you are always on the same page with them! Later we found out, that our intuition served us well ;) As soon as Marina and Alex arrived on the wedding day, everything became easy, warm and comfortable. Even now I often smile recalling their charming way of communicating with each other! Our photo session at the park began with big raindrops. Marina, as a magician, said there would be no rain, making us and the weather itself believe it – and the clouds just disappeared! The guys made us feel relaxed and took away the tension. After that, we grew even more assured that everything would be fine, and just kept enjoying the process. There was no sign of constraint, everything went with such ease – I still recall the photoshoot with a smile on my face. Let’s now move to another pleasant moment – viewing of the final photographs! I am a very picky person, especially when it comes to myself. But you won’t believe me if I say I liked each photo!!! With a sinking heart I watched how beautiful, happy and in love with each other we were! We watched the photos with our relatives and friends, and they felt the same way too!!! Just a delight! My separate ‘thanks’ goes to Alex since he was shooting the reception part. The reportage photos of us and the guests fully reflect the atmosphere of happiness, joy, sincere emotions and crazy dancing that took place that day! We have no idea how Alex managed to cover it all! Every important moment was documented! In conclusion, I want to say I am not perfect with putting words down on paper, it turns out chaotic, but you guys should have read it all on my face when I was watching the photos at the meeting. Marina and Alex, thank you!!! Thank you for all the feelings we experience when viewing our photographs!!!!

Anastasia and KONSTANTIN

Dear Marina and Alex!
We want to thank you one more time for the incredible work you have done for us on our wedding day!

The choice of the photographer was one of the most important things during the preparation stage. Thousands of wedding photos had been looked through in search of, no, not the best one, but “the one” :-) When I saw your pictures, I realized that you were “the one”, moreover, instead of one photographer we found two talented ones :-)
We were nervous during the big day, but you created wonderful, sincere photos showing the feelings and emotions of our happiest day… For that, we cannot thank you enough!
You guys were easy to work with; the love for your craft enables you to be on the same page with your couples!
Thank you very much!


We had started our preparations well ahead of time. And the big question was the choice of the photographer. It was very important for us to document this day for a lifetime, so we could later show it to our children and grandchildren. I’ve looked through great amount of wedding and love story photos and found I could like pictures of one wedding by a particular photographer, and totally dislike his or her photos from another wedding. Soon I came across the website of wonderful Marina and Alex. We watched the weddings they had shot, one after another, and realized they were exactly what we were looking for! These guys are very kind, bright, sympathetic and most of all, they know their craft!!!

There were four days of shooting, and all that went by in one breath. My husband is not very fond of being photographed, but it all went nice and easy with Marina and Alex. And the photos are amazing. The guys captured the most important things, including the right emotions and feelings. We and our relatives are totally happy! We have watched the photos many times, and each time we are being sent back to those sunny and happy days, thanks to you. And having two photographers is just super. You realize that when you view the photos – each moment shot from different angles depicts the whole event more brightly.
We are very glad to have had you shoot the most important day for us! Thank you very much again.


For me, it was easy to find the photographer. I knew about Marina for a long time, and I always liked her work. Therefore, I didn’t have to think long before making the choice. Moreover, Rinat fully trusted me on this matter. I could only hope that the day would be perfect, and that we’ll get lucky. We were also pleased to discover that Marina was working with her husband Alex, allowing shooting important moments with two cameras, thus eliminating the need for a second photographer. All the working moments, starting with the first communication and signing of the contract and ending with the submission of the photographs were easy and extremely pleasant. I want to emphasize the matter of the deadlines for the photos. Marina is doing a great job on this, because she submits her work right on time. I know what effort and self-discipline it takes, especially when you have so many shoots and trips. This is the sign of real professionalism.
As for our cooperation during the wedding day – I’ll keep it simple. It was important for us to spend this day with our closest friends and relatives, people dear to us, the ones we love to share our time with. And I can tell you straight away that Marina and Alex became those people for us. We had fun and felt easy, even though there were some nervous moments. Marina and Alex, thank you, not only for your work, but for your companionship and consent to become a part of this day. We sincerely hope you had some fun with us while working. All our guests pass their greetings and gratitude for the wonderful pictures. Thanks to you, these are magical moments of that day that will never be forgotten :)


From the moment we received our wedding photographs in November 2013 (we’d like to mention that we’ve received them right on time, which I think is important for any couple), a good number of our guests have seen the photos. And we can proudly report that the level of their admiration was well off the scale, if such a scale existed :))) We ourselves have looked them through at least 30 times, and we haven’t become bored yet. Each time we look at them, we discover some new details, see that day from a new angle and feel its atmosphere and mood all over again. You managed to do the most important thing, catch our mood and the mood of our guests, feel our love, capture the right moment and skillfully save it.
On that day you became so close to us, that we didn’t feel shy, awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera. Instead, we enjoyed every moment, laughed, danced, sang, kissed and never thought we were being photographed. We had this feeling we knew each other for a long time, or have at least met many times (I want to point out that I have only seen Marina once before the wedding, I saw Alex for the first time at the wedding day, and Vladimir only met both guys at the wedding). It was only possible because we were surrounded by such luminous, sincere, kind and open minded people such as you, so harmonic not only as a couple but as professionals as well! We believe this is why our photos are filled with light, purity and ease!
What we wanted more than anything on OUR day, was to avoid over posing and long photo shoots. At the same time, we just wanted to get the dream photos. For us it’s the kind of photos that don’t get old with time, don’t lose their meaning and eventually become a history, which will tell the future generations about the way we loved, were happy and how we spent this special day. Besides the classic components such as light, camera angle, and composition, for us, what makes these photos so important is the moment, the completeness of reflected events and the naturalness of the photographs. All of the above we have found in your pictures, which makes us totally joyful and happy, as well as having made the right choice of the photographers since the wedding moments are impossible to repeat, and it would have been a pity to miss them! We think that it takes more than professionalism to make such outstanding photos: you need to feel the couple, the celebration mood, and live it through in a way as if it was your closest friends’ wedding!

Thank you so much for sharing in our celebration with us and becoming an indivisible part of it, giving us joy, ease and freedom on that day, and leaving us with memories for the years to come!


I have finally gathered myself together to express our gratitude! There were so many emotions after the first viewing of the pictures I could hardly think of anything but exclamatory remarks and the words “thank you”.
Our photographs turned out to be just wonderful, so tender and beautiful. Some touched us deeply, some made us laugh, but all together they are simply amazing!
Perhaps, this is what you should expect from a photograph – not only a beautiful picture, which is also very important in its way, but also the possibility to live that day over again. Thanks to Marina, we didn’t simply recall “how it was”, but also discovered many new things for ourselves :) It was so great to see our emotions and the emotions of our friends and relatives, because there’s always so much going on the wedding day that you only remember certain moments.
We met Marina about a month before the wedding. During the meeting, she explained in detail what was important during the shoot, she told us about the importance of light, and, of course, asked about our expectations :) Since we lived in different cities, we had chosen the locations for the shoots ourselves. Not all of them were perfect regarding light and other conditions, but Marina gave them a shot anyway. As a result, the photographs turned out to be so unique and beautiful!

Separate “thanks” goes to Marina for her support and her skill in finding the right words. Not every person knows how to pose and feels comfortable in front of the camera, with Marina, we forgot about everything and just enjoyed the process. Our cooperation went nicely was interesting and easy.

We were not the only ones who loved the photographs, our parents and guests were pleasantly delighted as well. It is a pleasure to hear and read their comments. Everyone noticed how happy we were! Marina, we’d like to thank you one more time and wish you to keep enjoying your work and become the witness and participant of such happy moments and events as often as possible!