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Destination wedding in PortugalForte da Cruz wedding

Photography: Muravnik photography || Planner: Destinations weddings in Portugal || Flowers and decor: Decorelle || Venue: Forte da Cruz

From the bride Lilia

My fairytale wedding, that’s how I tell everyone about my Big day! A simple ‘thank you’ can’t begin to express our gratitude for everything Marina and Alex did to make our day truly perfect! I think we are the luckiest couple to fall into their hands! They were  not just our photographers, but closest friends who guided us throughout the whole day, shared all the emotions and helped in a critical moments.

When we decided to do a destination wedding, there was no doubts that it would be a wedding next to the ocean with a warm beautiful light and a nice and friendly atmosphere around. Portugal hit us with its magnificent sceneries and a number of amazing venues to choose for a wedding ceremony. The hardest thing was to choose one! It could be wedding at the beach overlooking crazy waves or a royal palace wedding in a charming forest, or as we chose, to get married in a castle by the beach. When we firstly saw this fort overlooking the blue ocean, it straight away matched with my princess dreams!

The next difficulty we met was a choice of our wedding photographer. My family is very close to photography and a good quality memories means a lot to us. At that point I think we was just super lucky as Marina and Alex had a couple of weddings in Portugal at the same time! As a future bride I was following the wedding industry and couldn’t even dream of having a Top European film photographers at my wedding, but magic happens!

As I mentioned, Marina and Alex became our close friend, as we shared together such an important moment of our live! They were so attentive to details, helped me  relax in front of the camera, calmed down when I was nervous, they supported us the whole day! We had a few critical funny situations and without Marina’s help and good sense of humor, it could be really stressful. One moment happened when my 3 meters long veil was blown away by the wind over a huge cactus just before we were supposed to walk down the aisle with my dad. Ugh, thanks to Marina who dropped her camera straight away and helped me to get out of it!!!

The other funny story we will always remember and joke about, this is just had to happen, I won’t go into details, just mention a flowery bush, next to we were taking a picture, stepping into a dog poop, haha. No worries, we found a fountain close by!

Overall, I have to say our wedding photographers were the best! They helped me feel as a supermodel, managed to take amazing pictures of my husband though he hates being photographed, we had such a lovely couple photo shoot as well!  I couldn’t even ask for a better result! All the memories will stay with us forever!