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While planning destination wedding, many couples choose the European villas for their day. First, they can make the ceremony, the photoshoot and wedding party at the same place. Secondly, they can make the accomodation for all the family and friends on the villa or nearby. And last, but not the least, the European villas are the ideal venue for wedding:  impeccable interiors, luxurious gardens and parks, magnificent views and exclusive service.

We decided to share our experience and opinion about the most beautiful wedding locations in Europe and we begin with venues on the Como lake, Italy. Margarita Casati, planner of the exclusive weddings in Italy, in particular on Como, shared with us her organisation experience on these villas. – margaritacasati.it 

Задумываясь о проведении свадьбы за границей многие пары выбирают для себя европейские виллы. Во-первых, это удобно тем, что церемонию, банкет и фотосессию можно провести в одном месте. Во-вторых, всех близких зачастую можно разместить на вилле или в непосредственной близости от нее. В-третьих, европейские виллы очень подходят для проведения торжества: безупречные интерьеры, роскошные сады и парки, великолепные виды и безукоризненный сервис.

Серию постов о самых красивых свадебных площадках Европы мы начинаем с востребованного направления – озера Комо в Италии.

Экспертным мнением об особенностях проведения мероприятия на каждой вилле поделилась Маргарита Казати, специалист по организации эксклюзивных свадеб в Италии, в частности на озере Комо – margaritacasati.it


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Como Lake, Italy destination weddingVilla Pizzo, Villa d'Este, Cernobbio

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! This was the first and brightest emotion I had after seeing the photos! While viewing the pictures with Marina and Alex, and then watching them ten more times with friends, relatives and sometimes just by ourselves, we were each time instantly taken back to that wonderful day! We felt like crying and laughing while living through all the brightest, funniest, most exciting and touching moments of our day. All the photos we have received are viewed in one breath, as if it was a slow motion of our main day, which you can stop anytime and live through this or that moment of the wedding.
Marina and Alex, thank you so much for the wonderful, tender, airy, stylish and amazingly emotional pictures! By some wonderful magic, you captured the beauty of the villa and the place of the festivities, the atmosphere of the day, emotions, uncontrollable fun and all the happy tears!
We can forever watch the reportage photos taken during the reception and dinner, recalling and laughing at the funniest moments of the evening!

Separate ‘thank you’ for the photos of our morning, first look and the photo session. We look so beautiful and happy! And we like the original look of our pictures, without unnatural posing and facial expressions, sincere and reflecting the glow in our eyes and the emotions we felt at that moment.

Alex, my personal ‘thanks’ goes to you for your fluent English and the approach you found for my husband. Stewart really enjoyed our photo session, and he is happy with his pictures from the morning preparations (and with all the pictures, in fact). The fact that we have met for a short love story shoot a couple of months prior to the wedding worked amazingly in making feel easy, comfortable and relaxed during the wedding day.

We chose our wedding photographer carefully, because the photos are the memories, which would stay with us forever. These memories should be beautiful and alive. I was a bride who didn’t know what she wanted, but after getting the pictures from Marina and Alex, I realized they were just what I have always dreamed of.

Marina and Alexey were recently the official photographers for our wedding in Lake Como Italy.
From the first time we met we were made to feel comfortable and at ease and we believe this was key to making the experience and final photograph album excellent quality.

We started with an engagement photo session which gave us a chance to meet and get to know Marina and Alexey and vice versa. The ‘dry run’ really enabled us to relax and allowed the photographers to learn how best to photograph us.

The experience at our wedding day was equally relaxed. Marina and Alexey were there to capture every moment and every emotion, but without imposing on the experience of our special day. As the day progressed they were almost ‘invisible’ to us.
We were thrilled with the end result, the photos precisely captured every aspect of our wedding and the quality was outstanding. We ended up with an album which captured all the key memories and more, and is a precious momento of our wedding day.

Photography: Muravnik Photography // Wedding Planner – Anastasia Aslanyan from ItalianEasyWedding //  Location: Villa Pizzo, Cernobbio, Como Lake, Italy, Hotel – Villa d’Este // Floristics and Decor: Rattiflora // MUAH: Kuchumova Selya //Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-1 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-2 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-3Muravnik-wedding-italy-1Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-6 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-7 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-8 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-9 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-10 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-11 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-12Muravnik-wedding-italy-15Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-15Muravnik-wedding-italy-2Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-18 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-19Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-20 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-21 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-22 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-23 Muravnik-wedding-italy-3Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-26 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-27 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-28Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-29Muravnik-wedding-italy-4Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-32 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-33 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-34 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-35 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-36 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-37Muravnik-wedding-italy-16 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-40Muravnik-wedding-italy-17 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-43Muravnik-wedding-italy-5 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-46 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-47 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-48Muravnik-wedding-italy-6 Muravnik-como-lake-destination-wedding-51Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-1Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-2Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-3Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-4Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-5Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-6Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-7Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-8Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-9Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-10Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-11Muravnik-wedding-italy-7Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-14 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-15 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-16 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-17 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-18 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-19 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-20 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-21 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-22 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-23 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-24 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-25 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-26 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-27 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-28 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-29 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-30 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-31 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-32Muravnik-wedding-italy-8Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-35Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-36 Muravnik-wedding-italy-9Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-39 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-40 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-41 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-42Muravnik-wedding-italy-10Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-45 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-46Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-47 Muravnik-wedding-italy-11Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-50Muravnik-wedding-italy-12Muravnik-wedding-italy-13Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-55 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-56 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-57 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-58 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-59 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-60 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-61 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-62 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-63 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-64 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-65 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-66 Muravnik-wedding-italy-14Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-69 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-70 Muravnik-Italy-Destination-Wedding-71