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Maria & Max’s intimate wedding on Amalfi coastCampania, Italy Wedding

Planning and design: Nuancè// Photography: Muravnik Photography// Flowers and decorations: Flower Girl // Videography: Warmdays// Hair and Makeup : Tania Nitsak// Stationary: Krasota v Detalyah// Wedding Dress: Krasota Wedding Studio


From Maria, the bride:

We met each other at school graduation day, so it was really important for us to get married the same date 11 years later. We decided to invite only old school friends and close relatives to make the wedding cosy and intimate and spend a weekend together in Italy. Our planners from Nuancè suggested the south part of the country near Amalfi coast as the best choice for this purpose.

It was not easy to find the venue for our date, we spent hours watching our planner’s suggestions. But when we have seen the photos and videos from Domus Laeta, we fell in love with that and decided that it would be the best location for us. This charming private residence placed on a hill in a small town called Guignano. It has an incredible sea view and we put the table for dinner to observe it. The ceremony took place on the old stairs among lemon trees. I was so nervous but it was worth it. Now we can honestly say it was one of the most emotional moments in life.

We didn’t dream about huge celebration and we don’t like to be in center of attention a lot. So our plan was to share best moments of our lives with people that are really important for us and have a beautiful and memorable day that will be close to our tastes.

In the evening hundreds of candles were lighted and hanged from above us. Some friends were playing guitar and singing songs from our school graduation party. The atmosphere was very romantic, intimate and friendly. Everybody was so happy at that moment.

We got more than expected, and we know that it was unforgettable day for everyone!

From Ksenia Korennaya, wedding planner and event designer, Nuancè

The wedding of Maria and Max was one with truly magical atmosphere. We found an amazing family house with a breathtaking view as a venue. It has been owned and managed by the same family since the 17th century, so there are many family heirlooms, books and memorable photos inside. The residence is situated on the hills and there is a fascinating sea view.

The inspiration for the design came from the region of Campania and surroundings near the venue. I was so in love with everything around me when I firstly came there and sent my impressions to the bride and groom. Lemon trees on the rocks, 500 years buildings and amazing landscapes, so many antique things in interior of the home and blue and yellow accents in details. Moreover, the magnificent smell of orange trees everywhere!

We started the wedding weekend from Welcome Pizza Party. Originally the pizza was invented in Napoli, which was 100 km from us. It was so authentic to eat freshly baked pizza from the oven in the garden. This helped our guests to adopt and acclimate to the fabulous Italian food culture.

The wedding day itself started for our couple from the breakfast with prosecco, best Italian cheeses and grapes at the balcony with an amazing view. Bride and groom had quiet and calm time for each other.

The simple elegance of Maria’s look added festiveness to the all-rustic setting of the historic residence. Her earrings from Eolica Jewelry were in the shape of orange tree flowers, which bloomed in the venue’s garden. The same flowers were at her belt. The hair and makeup was soft, feminine but also warm and expressive.

The ceremony was very emotional. Maria went down the stairs beautifully decorated with white and yellow flowers by Flower Girl Decor. The color palette was inspired by the nature around.

Aperitif was followed by the family dinner, during which there were some presents from the guests and first dance of the bride and groom. All of them were sitting under grape pergola with an incredible view. The table setting was rather traditional yet modern. We bought plates with authentic ornament for each guest. After wedding everyone could bring it to Russia as a present. We used lemons for place cards and clay pottery with garden flowers as centerpieces. Lily is the favorite flower of Maria, so it was important for us to use it. Blue and green pale colors of textile helped us to make design more neutral and fresh. Thanks to the team of Flower Girl Decor, they helped to realize the design in hot weather of south Italy and with addiction to details that is so important for us.

The evening was really amazing. The air was filled with love and friendship. Maria and Max looked so happy at that moment. And that is the only thing that really matters.

Holly & John’s destination wedding on Lake ComoVilla Regina Teodolinda Wedding, Laglio

Planning and design: The Lake Como Wedding Planner// Photography: Muravnik Photography// Florist: Rattiflora // Venue: Villa Regina Teodolinda// Videographer: AG Studio// Hair and Makeup : Jennifer Bradburn 

HJ-12Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-1 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-2 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-3 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-4 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-5 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-6 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-7Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-8 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-9 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-10 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-11 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-12 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-13 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-14 Muravnik-Lake-Como-Destination-Wedding-15Decor-47
Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-1 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-2 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-3 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-4Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-5 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-6 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-7 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-8 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-9 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Groom-10Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-1 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-2 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-3 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-4 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-5Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-6 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-7 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-8 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-9 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-10Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-11 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Bride-Groom-12Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-1 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-2 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-3 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-4 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-5 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-6Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-7 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-8 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-9 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-10 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-11 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-12 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-13 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-14 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-15 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-16 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-17 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-18 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-19 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Ceremony-20Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-1 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-2 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-3 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-4 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-5 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-6 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-7 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-8 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-9 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-11 Muravnik-Como-Lake--Wedding-Portraits-12Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-1 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-2 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-3 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-4 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-6 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Cake-1Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Cake-2Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-7 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-8 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Dad-dance-2Lake-Como-PartyMuravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-11 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-12 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-13 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-14 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-15 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-16 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-17 Muravnik-Como-Lake-Wedding-Party-18

Wisteria in bloom weddingVilla Rotonda Restaurant, Moscow

Event planning: Carpe Diem Events // Flowers and design: Flowerbazar // Photo: Muravnik photography // Video: Andreev Media // Cake: Andrey Shevlyagin Cakes Couture // Fire Show: Salamandra // Stationery: Maria Kirvas // Venue: Villa Rotonda

Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-1Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-1 Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-4 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-2Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-7 Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-8 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-3Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-1 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-9Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-4 Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-5 Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-6Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-4 PD-film-83Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-14 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-5Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-17 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-6Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-20 Muravnik-photography-bridal-morning-21Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-7 Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-8 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-10 Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-11 Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-12 Muravnik-photography-grooms-morning-13Muravnik-photography-bridal-party-1 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-7Muravnik-photography-bridal-party-4 Muravnik-photography-bridal-party-5 Muravnik-photography-bridal-party-6Muravnik-photography-first-look-1 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-8 Muravnik-photography-first-look-4Muravnik-photography-first-look-5 Muravnik-photography-first-look-6Muravnik-photography-wedding-portraits-1 Muravnik-photography-wedding-portraits-2 Muravnik-photography-wedding-portraits-3Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-14Muravnik-photography-wedding-portraits-6 Muravnik-photography-wedding-portraits-7 Muravnik-photography-wedding-portraits-8Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-15Muravnik-photography-wedding-portraits-11Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-11 PD-291 ПиД_stomped_0193Muravnik-photography-wedding-ceremony-4 Muravnik-photography-wedding-ceremony-5 Muravnik-photography-wedding-ceremony-6 Muravnik-photography-wedding-ceremony-7 Muravnik-photography-wedding-ceremony-8 Muravnik-photography-wedding-ceremony-10 Muravnik-photography-wedding-ceremony-11Muravnik-photography-wedding-details-1 Muravnik-photography-wedding-details-2 Muravnik-photography-wedding-details-3 Muravnik-photography-wedding-details-4 Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-12Muravnik-photography-wedding-details-7Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-1 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-2Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-46Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-10 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-12 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-13 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-15 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-17 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-18 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-45Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-22Muravnik-photography-destination-wedding-13Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-25 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-27 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-31 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-32 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-33 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-34 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-35 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-36 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-37 Muravnik-photography-wedding-party-38


Polina and Denis dreamed to organize a luxurious, but at the same time very gentle and romantic wedding in a beautiful location with exquisite design. They spent a few years in Spain and fell in love with this country. We wanted to add the leitmotif of Spain, and to do it the most interestingly way. Living in Spain, Polina fell in love with the luxurious lilac wisteria, which has its branches wrapped around the ancient Spanish castles.

This image inspired our team to create the concept of “Flowering Wisteria”, which perfectly matched with the history of our couple’s story. The color palette of the wedding was based on Polina’s favorite shades– from dusty pink to deep purple. Developing layout design for wedding decoration, our team tried to create the maximum feeling of airiness. The design was filled with transparent material, cool colors, translucent fabrics and mirrored surfaces. The impression was as if guests found themselves in a magical crystal palace. Not only the favorite colors of the bride, but also the interests of the groom served as an inspiration for the decorators.

Denis is engaged in hockey for many years. Therefore decorators suggested adding metallic accessories for the morning preparations of the groom, and to create a feeling of ice surfaces at the banquet, setting mirrored tables and crystal chandeliers.

The ceremony area was decorated with unique arrangement – “real” tree of Wisteria in bloom. No one in Russia has ever created such a tree before. Blooming Wisteria blended into the landscape so harmoniously, that it seemed the tree grew at this place for centuries. Flowers framed the aisle with a monogram of the couple and one of the patterns of the wedding led to the tree. Transparent chairs in this area were perfectly in harmony with the gazebo and glimmered beautifully in the sunlight.

A unique set of invitations was developed specially for this wedding. The lavender envelope was decorated with wisteria, wax seal with the couples monogram and calligraphy. The invitation was printed on clear plastic. The second part of the invitation – the dress code card – contained an image of the greenhouse with wisteria that was a reference to the ceremony area and the entire concept of the wedding.

Some surprises were prepared for guests and newlyweds during the evening. Polina and Denis appeared in the hall in incredibly bright style. The groom performed a song welcoming the guests and opening banquet. In the middle of the evening Polina changed several dresses. At first a second wedding dress for the first dance, and then a costume dress – to perform special Latino dance for Denis. Denis, in turn, had prepared a surprise for Polina with full responsibility. Several training sessions with professional dancers and here it is – one of the most fun and memorable events of the evening. The groom went to the dance floor and danced to the popular tunes of recent years with his friends for seven minutes. The performance was very dynamic despite its length. The bride and the guests were lost in admiration.

The wedding cake with a height of almost one meter, made according to our sketches, appeared at the end of the evening. In conclusion, artists of fire-show performed effective show in Spanish style.